Saturday Double Header: Molested on the Phone

Yesterday morning darling and I slept in. When he finally woke up, I grabbed him and pulled him on top of me. He wanted to go to the bathroom but i got inpatient. I yanked him back into bed and told him to get naked. He took his robe off but left his boxers on. I pulled them down. "I said naked."
"Pushy pushy"
"I know I am."
"but I have to pee."
"Well go pee and then come right back."
I poked him with my foot til he got out of bed.
When he came back it was time for sex and I wasn't having any more stallling about it. The details of the escapade were a bit fuzzy since it was early in the morning.

Later that night, I got a call from Bella. We were gabbing away about girlie things and her new vibrator and wedding plans of mine. I think Darling got jealous that he wasn't the center of my attention any more. He began to molest me relentlessly, trying to make me horny enough to hang up. I kept right on talking. He had his hand up my shirt for a while, playing with my nipples.
I enjoyed it so I took off my shirt and bra but kept talking to Bella. About the time she started discussing cakes she was planning to bake for her boyfriend's upcoming birthday, Darling was unbuttoning my pants.

I got the rest of the way undressed and he started to finger me and caress my clit. Now it had become a game. Could I stay in a normal tone of voice and hold my own end of a conversation about cakes during sex?

He was grinning wickedly. He could tell he'd be getting his own way soon. Thankfully she needed to hang up before he actually got around to fucking me. I don't think i could have kept composure through that! He decided it was my turn on top since he got his turn that morning. I fucked him slowly and made him wait just on the edge of orgasm for a little while. I figured it was fair since he'd just tormented me for about 15 or 20 minutes. I'd never let it be said that I'm not fair. lol.

I could feel his whole body breaking out into a sweat just waiting for me to let him cum. Finally I gave in, holding him close and kissing him as I rode him. As I got up to get cleaned up, I mentioned in amazement that it had been years since we had sex twice in a single day and how I enjoyed my turn on top. He said something to the effect of him planning it that way so I wouldn't have to wash sheets a second time in one day so close to bed time. I teased him, "How romantic you are!"
"I wasn't trying to be romantic, just considerate."
"oh well in that case..." I laughed. we cleaned up and snuggled into our brand new and now twice broken in bed. I slept the best I had since he moved in.


wondering where I've been?

You may have wondered where I've been since re-opening this blog. Well I'm back with big news and a good excuse. I'm the only one left in my house and I'm left clearing out 25 years with of junk. Why go to the bother? Because Darling is moving in this week (FINALLY) and we're ...

 (drumroll please) 

... getting married soon. I can't tell you how excited I am. We're still in the early planning phase of things but neither of us can sleep anymore. We're going today to buy our first bed and hopefully it will be delivered so that he can move in and sleep over the weekend. 

We've been sort of engaged since high school but only now does it seem clear and official to me.  I'm not sure I wanna announce a date here for the wedding because we may use a website for our families to see about the wedding and I don't want people to be able to cross check the two sites and figure out who we are. Suffice to say that it will be happening this winter.



I wish blogger had a way to let you all smell things 'cause as usual I smell amazing... I've been trying several perfumes and body sprays and all those girly things over the last few years, without ever finding one that was just perfect. Nothing has ever had just that perfect sexy smell without smelling like someone's urinated on me to mark me as their property. I've narrowed it down to three so far but it does seem that the common scents in all the ones I really like are spicy florals and sandalwood. Who knew? I thought that was just for hippie incense.

I spent my college years smelling like fruit, usually Victoria's Secret brand "Love Spell". Turns out most college girls smell like that, and most college guys really like it or pretend to. Darling didn't like it much at all. I still pull it out of the drawer when I'm feeling like wearing pigtails and skimpy clothes but these days I'm far more likely to be seen in a flowing long cotton skirt and some kind of breezy loose peasant blouse. Darling's mother calls it a "bohemian" look. I don't call it anything except clothes but that woman seems to think I'm a fashionista so I'll take her word for it.

There's also a lot of fruits and vanilla in what I wear too. I'm not much a fan of the vanilla but darling seems to just adore it. When I smell like vanilla he practically attacks me with kisses and buries his face in my chest (where I usually tend to spray perfume). I absolutely cannot stand the smell of the vanilla brown sugar body stuff but I almost always get laid without fail when I wear it. I guess I can stink a little for the purpose of getting laid, right?


Adornments and Apprehensions

I have this beautiful necklace that my darling bought me for our 9th anniversary. Every time I wear it, I am complimented and even nearly molested by complete strangers who just want a closer look. If it weren't so unique, I'd post a picture of it here. It's so completely suits me and my tastes. It makes me feel so loved every time I wear it. Just the act of putting it on feels like getting a hug from him. I feel like I've been adorned as a goddess with flowers by the natives or something. It's really awesome. I hope this is how wearing a wedding ring will feel--special and utterly loved, chosen, adored, totally understood in every possible way, memorized inside and out. It makes me feel like I'm with him when I'm still so very far away.

Soon we can start a life together. A recently-promised large gift from my family will make that happen much sooner and in a more comfortable way. I'll get to keep much of the nest egg I've been saving for the last year instead of spending it all on something I'll need before I move out. This feels good. It's a load off of my mind. I've spent nearly a decade waiting for this moment in my life and it's finally arriving. The excitement keeps me awake at night sometimes. I feel like I used to right before leaving for vacations as a child but this is so much bigger. I know it's still a long way off. We've got no formal plans for a wedding yet since darling first must find a local job but the idea that it could be a year or less away is such a blinding light at the end of the tunnel. The open-ended-ness of the situation always made things seem bleak and as though I'd never get to be with him. Now I've got a renewed zeal that's been missing from my life since I was a teenager.

It does feel like I'm rushing into things all of a sudden, but after waiting so long, who wouldn't? I just need to remember that in my haste I must still be prudent and put wise decisions before immediate happiness as I've always done. If I fail in that, not only will my long-term happiness suffer, but I'll have forsaken an essential part of who I am. Patience is a virtue, with which I seldom struggle, but in this particular case, I find I'm in short supply. I vacillate between feeling a great hurry to find a home and finalize nuptial plans and feeling absolutely insane about that great hurry. I call it the psycho girlfriend syndrome. We all know someone who planned her wedding before she had a boyfriend or who goads every man she ever meets to commit to her immediately. She proclaims hourly the chimes and ticking of her "biological clock". I don't want to be that woman. I'm in no hurry to start a family and I know that being married will likely cause more issues than it solves.

The real hurry is to start my life with darling by my side. Waiting for that is like waiting to exhale underwater-- I'm always feeling like my lungs are aching and yet I don't wanna let out what might be the last bubble in my lungs. I don't know how much longer things will take and I don't want to run out of air until I'm sure I can surface. Darling isn't going anywhere, yet I worry I have squandered the last of my youth waiting to be with him. The waiting is such a great investment in the future that I at times totally neglect the present. If I wanted to enjoy my teens and 20's to the fullest, I should have left him years ago and found the joy of single life in college. Instead I invested in joy for my 30's and later by staying true to the one I loved more than even myself. I know it's worth it but sometimes I worry about needless things. Just one more reason I feel so completely insane right now.



Darling and I have been discussing plans to get a place together and plan a wedding lately. I've been looking at rings a lot since I don't have a clue what kind of ring to get him or further more what kind I should drop hints for from him. Well I needed a break from that and decided to visit my favorite guilty pleasure blog, cuteoverload.
I decided shortly later that I need a pet rabbit. Darling says he'll get me one for Easter next year.
I told him to steal me this one. I want her!

staying in

Darling was here with me last night. It was one of those chilly rainy windy days that make you wanna stay in and be lazy under blankets. We were cuddling on my bed with my head in his lap when all of a sudden that mischievous streak of mine kicked in. I decided I needed his pants unzipped and his cock in my mouth. I got up and got undressed and wondered if he'd get the hint. As usual, he just shrugged and figured I was being my nudist self.

I rested my face against his thigh and he thought I kissed it. I teased him that if he couldn't tell the difference it was time to get his pants off so he could tell. I got them off of him after a bit of a struggle. Eventually I got him naked under the blankets with me. I just about immediately started teasing him. It was like undressing a cranky child who happens to be much bigger than me. Once his clothes were off and I was cuddled against his bare skin, he seemed happier.

I gently ran my fingers over his cock while he molested my breasts. They were sore though, so I distracted him with slightly more touch. Just like a charm, his hands forgot all about my breasts and he kept mostly still for me. I teased him some more with feather light caresses and his fingers found their way to my pussy. I concentrated hard on staying quiet. I didn't want him to focus on me cause I was having way more fun playing with him. I wasn't so much in the mood to be touched right then.

Well it seemed he was playing the same game with me, and working hard to stay equally quiet. Naturally I had to put an end to that! I gradually touched him more and then with a little more pressure by the second. By the time I was half way to the pace of a usual hand-job, he was writhing. I must say that turned me on. I decided I needed to hear him moan a little though.

I scooted down the bed so I could get my lips in on the action. I went back and forth between very very gently sucking him and stroking him hard and fast with my saliva as a lubricant. I heard a few quiet little half-moans. That wasn't going to satisfy me though.

I wrapped my fingers very tightly around his cock and slowly slid them down his cock until the head just barely popped through and into my waiting mouth. I slid my lips and hands further and further down until I was cupping his balls in my palm. I pulled away and did it again even slower. That got him making some lovely noises for me. I was pleased. I figured he deserved inside my pussy for all that torture.

I crawled on top of him and slid him inside me. The look of relief on his face was obvious. He sighed deeply into my ear. ...

Later on he played with me until I couldn't stand it anymore and had to take over for myself.


Last Friday

So last weekend my darling came over to visit me. A few days before he came over, we had spent the whole evening online in a sexy game of truth or dare like we used to do in the old days as teenagers. Then it all culminated in a mutual masturbation session via skype. We went to bed and continued the phone sex for maybe another hour or so.

By the time he actually got here, we'd had a few days to brood over our libidos. I answered the door in a short, vanilla colored, satin slip with an open sweater over it and I thought his eyes might pop out of his head. He immediately began kissing me, feeling me all over, and poking me with his hard-on. I'd just shaved so I swear anything would have made me wet, but this was so much better than that.

In a bit of a frenzy we ended up in my bed with him touching me all over. He just ran his hands all over my body, feeling every inch of me and getting me all excited. I love it when he does that. I feel like a piece of the most exquisite art or a goddess being fawned over and studied with adoration. He snuggled in against me, still fully dressed and started to concentrate on my bare pussy.

At first he just lingered over my thighs and lips, enjoying their softness and smoothness. Then my wetness got his attention and his finger found my clit in a big hurry. He kissed me and mouthed my nipples through the satin as he massaged my pussy. I don't know how long it really was, but when that part was over, I was screaming and could barely move from exhaustion. All of a sudden I realized he was naked and remembered that delicious cock waiting to be kissed.

"Can I suck you now?"
"I'm not done with you."
"Can't I please suck your dick? I wanna."

He knelt over my face, pinning me down at the shoulders with his thighs and let me gobble his cock down my throat. He wound his fingers in my hair. He pulled my hand up to his cock so I could make up for what didn't fit down my throat. He pulled away before he collapsed and choked me to death. By this point I was so desperate I'd have done anything to get him to fuck me.

He wanted to make me cum again first, so he laid down on his back and I knelt over him to suck his dick while he fingered me. I kept gasping for air and screaming. My screams were muffled and funny sounding as he slid in and out of my throat, intermittently blocking the air. I was afraid I might accidentally bite him in the throws of my body clenching orgasms.

Somehow he ended up on top of me, sliding himself inside me while I gasped and tried my damnedest to keep still. Then he pulled away. "Don't stop, honey."
"Don't you want to suck me some more?"
"Well... I... I don't want you to stop."
"Come on, taste yourself on me. It always gets you going so much harder."
Before I could reply he was kneeling over my face, pinning me down again with his cock in my face. What else was I supposed to do but suck on it?

I don't remember what came next but I remember being on top of him, riding him until he came for me. His whole body thrashed and would have thrown me to the floor if I hadn't been ready. I cradled his head to pad it from striking the wall. I gently brushed hair out of his eyes and kissed him as I rode him to ecstasy. When he came, I held him tightly until he could lay still. Then when I got up, I got a warm washcloth and cleaned him up gently. I was afraid I'd hurt him but he said it felt "really good." His cock was so red and looked so tender. I very very gently kissed it. He pushed my face away in a hurry and flopped back down on the bed.

After the sex came snuggles, half a nap, and lots of back rubs. Then we got up and made dinner.