Last Friday

So last weekend my darling came over to visit me. A few days before he came over, we had spent the whole evening online in a sexy game of truth or dare like we used to do in the old days as teenagers. Then it all culminated in a mutual masturbation session via skype. We went to bed and continued the phone sex for maybe another hour or so.

By the time he actually got here, we'd had a few days to brood over our libidos. I answered the door in a short, vanilla colored, satin slip with an open sweater over it and I thought his eyes might pop out of his head. He immediately began kissing me, feeling me all over, and poking me with his hard-on. I'd just shaved so I swear anything would have made me wet, but this was so much better than that.

In a bit of a frenzy we ended up in my bed with him touching me all over. He just ran his hands all over my body, feeling every inch of me and getting me all excited. I love it when he does that. I feel like a piece of the most exquisite art or a goddess being fawned over and studied with adoration. He snuggled in against me, still fully dressed and started to concentrate on my bare pussy.

At first he just lingered over my thighs and lips, enjoying their softness and smoothness. Then my wetness got his attention and his finger found my clit in a big hurry. He kissed me and mouthed my nipples through the satin as he massaged my pussy. I don't know how long it really was, but when that part was over, I was screaming and could barely move from exhaustion. All of a sudden I realized he was naked and remembered that delicious cock waiting to be kissed.

"Can I suck you now?"
"I'm not done with you."
"Can't I please suck your dick? I wanna."

He knelt over my face, pinning me down at the shoulders with his thighs and let me gobble his cock down my throat. He wound his fingers in my hair. He pulled my hand up to his cock so I could make up for what didn't fit down my throat. He pulled away before he collapsed and choked me to death. By this point I was so desperate I'd have done anything to get him to fuck me.

He wanted to make me cum again first, so he laid down on his back and I knelt over him to suck his dick while he fingered me. I kept gasping for air and screaming. My screams were muffled and funny sounding as he slid in and out of my throat, intermittently blocking the air. I was afraid I might accidentally bite him in the throws of my body clenching orgasms.

Somehow he ended up on top of me, sliding himself inside me while I gasped and tried my damnedest to keep still. Then he pulled away. "Don't stop, honey."
"Don't you want to suck me some more?"
"Well... I... I don't want you to stop."
"Come on, taste yourself on me. It always gets you going so much harder."
Before I could reply he was kneeling over my face, pinning me down again with his cock in my face. What else was I supposed to do but suck on it?

I don't remember what came next but I remember being on top of him, riding him until he came for me. His whole body thrashed and would have thrown me to the floor if I hadn't been ready. I cradled his head to pad it from striking the wall. I gently brushed hair out of his eyes and kissed him as I rode him to ecstasy. When he came, I held him tightly until he could lay still. Then when I got up, I got a warm washcloth and cleaned him up gently. I was afraid I'd hurt him but he said it felt "really good." His cock was so red and looked so tender. I very very gently kissed it. He pushed my face away in a hurry and flopped back down on the bed.

After the sex came snuggles, half a nap, and lots of back rubs. Then we got up and made dinner.


  1. Liking the new layout, by the way

  2. Thanks, D. It's just a pre-made setting on blogger though. I can't take credit for this one like I could in the past.

  3. HA HA didn't realize that was you, darling, leaving a comment. Didn't you have an e-mail and screen name for our blog?